Touche Mitaine

This wine was produced from 100% Chenin ; the parcel name of the wine " is Touche Mitaine." It is located on the slopes of the expensive commune of Saint Martin le Beau.

Grapes : Chenin

Vineyards : The vineyards are the youngest of the domain (30 years). Siliceous-clayey soils produce a wine of great finesse and aromatic. Planting density : 6,500 vines per hectare. Yields per hectare are 35hectolitres. Area of 4 hectares of vines.

Vinification : After settling, the juice of 4 to 5 wines is aged in oak barrels from Allier. This cuvée is aged one year in oak barrels and bottled before the harvest.

Tasting notes : A wine with a dry and tender nose offers delicious aromas of quince, candied lemon with floral notes and especially mineral (taste of "flint").