Les Borderies

Grapes : Chenin slightly dried in the sun.

Vines : The vines are about 80 years old, siliceous-clayey soils. Yields per hectare are 30hectolitres. The parcel area is 1 hectare. Planting density is 6500 vines per hectare.

Vinification : Grapes affected by noble rot have to be hand harvested and sorted in successive pickings. The wine ages 6 months in barrels of 600 liters of 2-3 wines. Maturing of six months keeps the maximum fruit and flavors.

Food and wine : It will be highly appreciated as an aperitif as well as with sweet dishes - salted. Recommended serving temperature : 11 ° C.

Tasting notes : This wine has a semi-dry lively attack, 18 grams of residual sugar are well integrated into the wine. The nose, quince and acacia blossom, dominate the fresh ginger. This semi-dry, highly digestible wine will be a pleasant accompaniment to your meal.