The Vines

The vineyard covers 13 hectares including 9ha Montlouis sur Loire AOC and 4ha Touraine AOC, in the districts of Saint-Martin le Beau, on the north side of the valley of the Cher, a small village near Montlouis sur Loire.

My parcels are very fragmented and heterogeneous, both in terms of the age of the vines as the soils and grape varieties

The Montlouis sur Loire AOC grapes are derived from a single grape variety : Chenin.

My Touraine AOC red and rosé are made from côt, grolleau and cabernet franc.

The Touraine white is from sauvignon.

Most parcels were planted before 1940 and some celebrate this year their 120 years ! The advantage of old vines is that they regulate themselves : they give the wines a greater regularity qualitatively and quantitatively, including the "small vintages."